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Side gusset bags have become a packaging favorite as they are convenient, stylish and durable. Gusseted bags are the latest trend in the packaging industry. They are chosen due to their ease of use and less space occupying factor. We is the proud manufacturer of high quality gusseted bags. We have gained a great reputation in the packaging market. We offer side gusset bags in various sizes, shapes, colors and categories.

  • PPE
  • MET
  • BOPP
  • PE

The layout of gusset bags is a pouch with two side gussets and a bottom sealing. One side of the pouch remains open allowing for easy filling and sealing. The products get extra strength with the help of a bottom sealing. The central seal allows the pouch to stand by itself and provide the bottom seal with more strength.

Gusseted bags are best used for promotional packaging, as the side gusset bag can stand by itself on the shelf which portrays an appealing appearance. Gusset bags are filled with various products like

  • Protein powder
  • Pet food
  • Organic products
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Pharmaceutical products
250 80 260 50
500 85 360 60
1000 135 390 90