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Project Description

We manufactures stand up pouches which are our best selling and most popular packages. These pouches are available in different sizes, shapes and colors, ensuring that you will be sure to find the right bag for your products. The main feature of stand-up pouches is their base in the lower portion. Once the pouch is filled with a product, the base expands and allows the bag to stand upright when it is displayed on shelves. Stand up bags are the best choice for packaging of various products.

We are the leading manufacturers for fast production, high quality, trendy and cost effective types of stand-up pouches which are sure to catch the customers’ attention. We currently offer a wide variety of standup pouches including Paper standup pouches, foil stand up pouches, stand up zipper pouches, etc. Each of these types of packaging carries an individual significance. Our stand up packaging bags is available in both stock and custom printed options. We use the latest rotogravure technique for printing up to 8 color custom printed stand up pouches. These pouches have a combination of materials including

  • BOPP
  • PET

Stand up Pouches available for different size according to gram capacity. Pouches available for different Gram Capacity

SUP Pouch With Normal Zipper Dimension W X L X G (mm)
SUP Pouch With No Zipper 28 gms 80 X 130 X 50
SUP Pouch With Zipper 28 gms 80 X 130 X 50
SUP Pouch With Zipper 50 gms 95 X 150 X 60
SUP Pouch With Zipper 70 gms 110 X 170 X 70
SUP Pouch With Zipper 100 gms 120 X 200 X 80
SUP Pouch With Zipper 150 gms 130 X 210 X 80
SUP Pouch With Zipper 250 gms 160 X 230 X 90
SUP Pouch With Zipper 350 gms 170 X 250 X 90
SUP Pouch With Zipper 500 gms 190 X 260 X 110
SUP Pouch With Zipper 750 gms 210 X 310 X 110
SUP Pouch With Zipper 1 kg 235 X 335 X 120